Android Browser Guide

How to install the best browsers available for the Android platform

Tor Browser: Step-By-Step Installation

tor browser logo

  1. go on f-droid app
  2. press settings on the bottom right
  3. press repositories
  4. enable Guardian Project Official Releases
  5. press back until you go back to f-droid's main screen
  6. pull down to refresh the repository
  7. look up tor browser and install the one with the purple circle logo thing

One last thing,

  1. open tor browser, let it start up and stuff
  2. press the hamburger menu (top right three dots), scroll down in it and...
  3. press security settings
  4. slide it all the way to the right to select "safest"

Now you went from being recognizable as 1 in 200,000 to 1 in 788. Your browser fingerprint is roughly 200 times less unique and your activity is more anonymous than before.

Bromite: Step-By-Step Installation

Bromite logo

  1. go on f-droid app > settings > repositories
  2. press the plus sign on the top right
  3. under address, put:
  4. under "Fingerprint of the signing key:" put: E1EE5CD076D7B0DC84CB2B45FB78B86DF2EB39A3B6C56BA3DC292A5E0C3B9504
  5. save it and enable the repository
  6. go back to the main f-droid screen and refresh by pulling down
  7. search Bromite and install it.

Now you have a fast and secure browser with built in adblocking. You can also update it through f-droid since you added the repository and they will be authentic updates since you added the signing key fingerprint (a cryptographic ID)

Detailed Explanation

Browsers suck, they expose you to the open internet and your computer bends over to get raped by Google and Cloudflare. Your traffic is clear for your ISP to see. Javascript can be, has been, and will be exploited repeatedly. Ideally you should steer clear from the clearnet, but as banks, credit cards, universities, governments etc. host their services on this terrible platform, you have no choice. Well, you can choose your browser at least.

For desktop, Chromium (with "uBlock Origin" extension) is best for security since it's typically versions ahead of any browser vulnerability that gets uncovered every other week or so. Tor browser (with "safest" security option) is best for privacy since it hides your IP from the destination site, encrypts your traffic so your ISP doesn't see what sites you access, and with JavaScript off, it hides all other identifiable information such as OS and browser information. For desktop, you should use Tor Browser as default, and Chromium/Ungoogled-Chromium for JavaScript-needed stuff such as bank accounts and credit card stuff.

For Android, Bromite is best for security. It's Ungoogled-Chromium, with built-in adblocking and faster development/vulnerability mitigation than Ungoogled-Chromium. Tor browser with "safest" security option is best for privacy, all the same reasons. However, your browser fingerprint is uniquely identifiable as 1 in ~788 on mobile, compared to the desktop Tor browser's 1 in ~68, meaning you're slightly more anonymous using tor browser on desktop than on your phone. In any case, for Android you should use Tor Browser as default, and Bromite when JavaScript is needed, although you shouldn't really use your phone to browse anything in the first place.

If you're using iPhone then you don't care about privacy or security and this guide is not for you. There are no honest privacy respecting or secure browsers for iPhone. Firefox focus and the various Tor browsers on the app store are backdoored, even though they are your best bet here.