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I love Linux and Anime.

My favorite game series is Neptunia.
My favorite anime universe is the Nasuverse (fate).
My favorite anime is Shigatsu wa Kimi No Uso (Your Lie in April)

My pfp is Kingprotea

I came from Niu because it is shutting down.

I also love stand up paddle boarding.


Bartender at the VA-11 Hall-A. Come and take a seat, and a drink :)
Also an oscillating enby trans girl ⚧ who sometimes meow at things


:flag_white_transgender: :flag_nonbinary:
:flag_bisexual: :flag_pansexual: :flag_polyamory:

:anarchy: :acab: :ancom: :antifa:
:anartrans_symbol_black: :archlinux:

FR/EN content

Blocked all servers created for posting NSFW images.

I am antifacebook, antitwitter, degoogle, antitheism, antipsychiatry, antimcdonald, antiwork, antidisney, anti prostitution, anticonsumption, antiMLM(Multi-level marketing), anti-microtransaction, copyleftism.

So, I think you know my belief system now, humans with power corrupts, the bigger power 1 person/ a small group of people could have, he/they corrupt more. The system of federal Mastodon is prevent 1 person can having too much power. If there is an instance have more than 50% of all Mastodon toots, it must start to block small instance for preventing they grow.

Gender: non-binary

Adblocking software(Can't to living without them)

My #PolitiScales:

My political compass:

#decentralize everything!!!

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Snow's music box(my favorite music list) :

Lost butterfly/Rurutia

Exec Cosmoflips/KOKIA

Stories/Hitomi Kuroishi


Baba Yetu/Christopher Tin!A






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Admin of ! is invite only (as of right now), if we are friends, ask to join.


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a dog

friend to all, lover of cuties
twink rights activist // overtly nerdy
21 / london, uk
cat / boy / catboy

love u

🌸☢️Lottie the Nuclear Take Haver™☢️🌸 @lottev

Hello! 😊

I will be using this instance to write philosophical posts, which you can check on my blog.

Note that I won't eschew political themes on here, which I usually try to avoid in casual conversation. If you disagree with me, please do so civilly and with an open mind. Thank you!

I`m looking for sex and date. But use GAB rarely. Write me here and I`ll give you my phone number - (Nickname "MoonaMo")


I'm a young closeted trans girl who's always tired. I like to code things, play with boxes that have blinking lights, and use expensive audio equipment to listen to nightcore.

Note: My following and follower counts aren't actually zero, I just like to keep them hidden. My boosts and favorites are not endorsements of any kind.